Our Grain

The durum wheat is an energy-rich cereal being the basis of the traditional diets of several countries, becoming an essential food source, not only in the developing countries, but also playing an important role in the diet of all other nations.

With its source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, oils and proteins, grain kernels are the most cultivated crops in the world.


“The Pasta, the Made in Italy symbol, produced by the best Italian selected grains”


The parameters that distinguish an excellent durum wheat is the content of high protein value, high yellow index, gluten quality and a low ash content in order to obtain the maximum extraction in terms of milling performance and a higher nutritional value.

In additional, the Italian durum wheat has a better habitat in sunny lands such as southern Italy and therefore also in Sicily.

This factor as well as the need to provide raw material to the Pasta Industry with certain characteristics is a key point that can benefit from supply chain agreements, such as the creation of national brand "Quality certified National Pasta of durum wheat". The development of an integrated supply chain can be advantageous for farmers that could find also greater industries satisfaction in terms of quantity, quality and price.

This pilot project aims to organize a system for pasta and bread products traceability in the domestic market, starting from the island durum wheat harvest and extended throughout the national territory, certified on the basis of determinate requirements.

The project will lead to the achievement of a product with a high pasta and bread quality with nutritional values, conservation and food security.

Mediterranea Commodities created its main business in the durum wheat sector with a distribution network that concerns the domestic market and the Maghreb countries.


During the years, the company has developed a deep understanding of consumers’ needs by developing its network of processing and distribution resources.