Our history

Mediterranea Commodities S.p.A. founds its roots in the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, "Sicily", considered at the time of the Roman Empire “The Granary of Europe”.

Geographically favorable for trading and in additional strengthening over the years its development capacities, the company is expanding its national and international business achieving the position as leader for volumes “National Durum Wheat” selecting the best quality in its own storage centers based in Sicily.



“The Republic's granary, resource where the Roman Empire nourished"


Mediterranea Commodities is committed to do the best in order to meet the final consumers’ needs and satisfy their daily needs establishing an higher reliability.

The approach that puts at work, promotes a high level of professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit which target is to achieve an efficient product, maintaining focus on excellence, quality and sustainability.


Mediterranea Commodities, grain trading company, today an important distributor of raw materials around the world.


Mediterranea Commodities is acting as one of the national and international main trading company, being on the market not only for durum wheat, but also for other soft commodities doing a significant activity in the field of worldwide grains distribution and marketing.